Mālama ‘Āina Exhibit at Hulihe‘e Palace

Exhibited within Hulihe‘e Palace is the first of a series of exhibits planned about the ‘āina (land). Traditional and modern Hawaiian concepts are brought to the forefront to explore the different perspectives on land within the islands and ultimately land on Earth.

To assist in the preservation of ‘āina in relation to culture, a man named Henry Kekahuna created maps in the 1950’s of many ahupua‘a on the west side of Hawai‘i island.  These maps remind us of the old wahi pana (legendary place) names and the layout of cultural sites such as heiau (temples).  Henry’s steadfast belief that he had to record the many cultural spots on the kona side reminds us, that even in the 21st century we must be mindful to document the past for posterity in the future.  We must mālama ‘āina (care for the land) for ourselves, for the future, and most of all for Earth herself.

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