Meet the Author: Kolea and the Chief’s Cloak by Alice Guild

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM  || APRIL 27, 2019 at HULIHEʻE PALACE ||  May 18, 2019 at QUEEN EMMA SUMMER PALACE


Meet Lifetime Daughter of Hawai‘i and first-time author Alice Flanders Guild, as she presents her backstory and inspiration for writing “Kōlea and the Chief’s Cloak.” This book is  the first in an envisioned series of children’s books featuring cultural objects cared for by Hawai‘i museums and historic sites. In this story, Kōlea guides the reader through a history lesson while delivering a clear life message.

About Kōlea and the Chief’s Cloak
Kōlea and the Chief’s Cloak is a modern fable that tells the true story of an ancient Hawaiian cloak and how it came to be in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. The wisdom of the beloved Pacific golden plover, Kōlea, is wasted on a haughty young chief who loses his kingdom, and the cloak, to his powerful warrior cousin. The cousin unites the Hawaiian Islands and becomes Hawai‘i’s greatest ruler. This book is targeted to children ages 4 to 12, but has a moral for all ages, “Beautiful plumage is most meaningful when it is earned through perseverance, humility and hard work.”


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Alice Flanders Guild comes naturally to her love of Hawaiian history and gift for story telling. Her great grandmother, Ku‘aihelani Campbell, was among the leaders in the movement to restore Queen Lili‘uokalani to the throne. Her grandmother, Kamokila Campbell was known for her dramatic recordings of Hawaiian legends and her mother, Muriel Flanders, was a composer whose songs commemorated Hawai‘i’s people, places and events.

Alice’s fifty year volunteer career with the restoration and preservation of ‘Iolani Palace, led to her interest in stories associated with artifacts housed in Hawai‘i’s museums. Her fables are spun around actual objects in these collections. This first published book, Kōlea and The Chiefs Cloak is based on a true story of the famous battle of Moku‘ohai in Kona and the role that the chief’s cloak played in Hawaiian history. The story’s hero, Kōlea, is one of the most beloved of Hawai‘i’s native creatures.