July – Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters

Join us for another Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters--a virtual gathering typically held on the last Monday of every month. It's a time to catch up with one another, explore an interesting topic, and learn more about what makes our organization special and unique! We're returning to our original lunch timeslot, so bring your lunch, favorite libation, or mocktail and then kickback for our program!

Nā Koa Wāhine

Join us to explore the rarely-discussed subject of the traditional role of women on the battlefield in ancient Hawaiʻi.

“It can be declared that Hawai‘i did not lack for fearless-hearted chiefesses, and it is appropriate that we proudly preserve the memory of their support... in those victorious battles.” (Desha)

In addition to learning about historical female figures, we will also learn about how Hawaiian martial arts are being kept alive today through the perspective of one powerful modern wāhine.

About Our Guest Speakers

Adam Keawe Manalo-Camp grew up in Papakōlea and is a Hawaiian cultural historian. He is a published writer, blogger, podcaster, researcher and administrator of the Facebook group “Hawaiian History and Culture”--which is the largest history group with over 27,000+ members.

Kumu Michelle Manu is a 10th Degree Black Belt and teacher of Lua, the traditional bone-breaking Native Hawaiian Combat Martial Art. She is the only woman accepted as a disciple to earn the title of Kumu under ‘Ōlohe (Grand Master) Solomon Kaihewalu in over 40 years.

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Jul 25 2022


11:45 AM - 1:00 PM


Daughters of Hawaiʻi


Daughters of Hawaiʻi

ATTENTION - Please email info@daughtersofhawaii.org to book a Palace tour.