June Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters

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Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters is a virtual gathering typically on the last Monday of every month. It’s a time to catch up with one another, explore an interesting topic, and learn more about what makes our organization special and unique.

Thriving Together: Manu-o-Kū’s Urban Journey

Manu-o-Kū, or the White Tern, is a unique bird, nesting in urban Honolulu with a growing population in the city. A group of citizen scientists, Hui Manu-o-Kū, are working to ensure the population is protected and cared for, so they may continue to thrive. Join Rich Downs to learn more about the Manu-o-Kū and the Hui’s efforts.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Rich Downs is a biologist for Pacific Rim Conservation and also serves as the coordinator of the Hui Manu o Kū where, for the past 8 years, he has coordinated the efforts of an array of government agencies, education institutions and conservation groups to enhance awareness, appreciation, understanding and conservation of the white tern. Rich also leads the Hui’s White Tern Citizen Science project in which data collected by citizen scientists is contributing to a better understanding of this understudied species and the fascinating story of its unique relationship with the most developed part of the Hawaiian Island chain. Rich has co-authored papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the White Terns, including the Wilson Journal of Ornithology, and the citizen science project has been profiled in the media, including the Smithsonian Institution and the BBC.