August Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters

Join us for another Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters–a virtual gathering typically held on the last Monday of every month. It’s a time to catch up with one another, explore an interesting topic, and learn more about what makes our organization special and unique!

Nā Hulu Aliʻi: Featherwork in Ancient Hawaiʻi with Dr. Kaʻimiloa Chrisman

August features guest speaker Dr. B. Kaʻimiloa Chrisman, a Hawaiian practitioner and educator, who will share with us the art of hulu— feathers! Explore the importance of feathers and featherwork in Hawaiʻi and the application of feathers in different objects, such as lei hulu and kāhili.

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About Our Guest Speaker

For fifty years, B. Kaʻimiloa Chrisman, M.D. has studied ancient Hawaiian arts and culture in ever-increasing depth. Kaʻimiloa is best known for rediscovering ipu pāwehe, the lost art of Hawaiian gourd decoration. He is an accomplished practitioner of traditional Hawaiian arts, including:  featherwork, tapa-making, stonework, carving, drum-making, ornaments, tools, and weapons. 

He is a continuing researcher, writer, practitioner, and educator, dedicating his personal time into studying these crafts, including the fine details and lost secrets of these arts. Kaʻimiloa continues to teach both in Hawaiʻi and on the Mainland and has been featured in a variety of print-media articles. He is passionate about this realm and much enjoys sharing his knowledge of Hawaiian history, culture and traditional arts and crafts with others.  Now, in his older years, he much wishes to pass on what he has learned and done.