September Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters

Join us for another Talk Story: Monday Moments with the Daughters–a virtual gathering typically held on the last Monday of every month. It’s a time to catch up with one another, explore an interesting topic, and learn more about what makes our organization special and unique!

The ʻAuwai of Nuʻuanu: Preserving a Legacy with Lisa Wong

September features guest speaker Lisa Wong, who will share with us the history of the ʻauwai in Nuʻuanu, one of which runs right beside Hānaiakamalama! Explore the importance of these man-made canals in Hawaiʻi and the time and care that goes into keeping them flowing.

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About Our Guest Speaker

Having been a Nuʻuanu resident for over four decades, Lisa Wong understands the importance of ʻauwai, having two running through her own property near Dowsett. When Daughters of Hawaiʻi member Shannon Wilson, and neighbor Tom Lalakea founded the “ʻAuwai Study Group” in the early 2000’s, Lisa became an active member. Now named Hui Mālama ʻAuwai O Nuʻuanu, Lisa helps lead the group and continues to share the history of the ʻauwai and organizing cleaning days, often leading with “E Mālama ʻoe I Ka ʻĀina, e Mālama ka ʻĀina ia ʻoe,” Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.